Whats a Typical Day for a Pest Control Tech Look Like? – Business Training Video

e first thing he does at the beginning of every day is pull out his map and route list.

A list of routes shows the technician the best way to reach the location. This map gives additional guidance to the technician and can be utilized by an individual to organize his schedule and get the job done in the quickest time possible.

After that, you must review the work description to find out what amount the business will pay and how many stops there be along the way.

The remainder of my day is spent going home to each customer, offering them service. Most customers get regular services that involve spraying their foundations with water, and possibly removing any waspsnets. This service, which is scheduled for quarterly, is approximately 15 minutes long and costs $75. Non-maintenance services typically pay better than those that are maintenance-related.

Technicians who provide pest services earn around 20% of the expense of their service. A 15-minute monthly service could earn technicians fifteen dollars.

Former employees say that the position is excellent for those who appreciate working on their own and it pays well. fq9n8h7wz3.

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