All Types of Lawyers And Their Salaries A Guide for Prospective Law Students – Killer Testimonials


The median salary of an attorney for elder law is $147,700. If you look at the different types of lawyers and their salaries compassion is one the key factors for working with seniors. The typical income for senior law lawyers engaged in long-term support of seniors and their families could be greater than the average attorney. But, it’s essential that they are familiar with all state and federal laws that pertain to elder care.

Product Liability Law

Products liability attorneys handle claims involving injury or death due caused by defective product. In court, they represent the victim or their family. Legal professionals who practice product liability usually are employed by law firms, with manufacturers, or they might work as solo personal injury lawyers.

The average salary for lawyers who specialize in product liability is $169,000. However, when considering every type of lawyer and their fees, they may earn more using well-known products, huge civil lawsuits, or the context of class action lawsuits.

Personal Injury Law

An attorney for personal injury represents individuals who suffer injuries due to the negligence of another as do lawyers for product liability. Personal injury attorneys typically have law firms working in partnership with insurance firms, or they could have their own firm.

The average salary for the personal injury lawyer is $80,000. Personal injury lawyers are ranked lower than the other kinds of lawyers because of their low pay and the lower value of many of their cases. Some personal injury attorneys may be paid on a contingent basis. This means that they get paid only if they win the case. These lawyers are equally beneficial outside the courtroom.

Medical Malpractice Law

The medical malpractice attorney represents victims who were hurt due to the carelessness of medical professionals. They may represent either an injured party or their family members who suffer from the accident.


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