How to Treat Yourself While on Your Period – Health Advice Now

How to treat yourself while on your period Ults to eat. A healthy diet can be helpful in reducing the side symptoms of these ailments and ease suffering during the difficult periods. Healthy eating includes many foods with all the nutrients, vitamins and protein one requires to get through her menstrual cycle. For women who are going through their menstrual cycle, the recommended daily intake is 40% carbohydrates 40 percent fat, 30 percent protein.

Bloating can be reduced by eating foods high in magnesium and potassium. This is accomplished by increasing the flow of blood and fluids through your body. Avocados tomato, green leafy vegetables, and avocados are just some examples of fruits and vegetables. It is recommended to get in the habit of getting active every day and eating well to prepare for your period every month.

This can result in severe pain or even impairment. Certain women might have to be absent from work and school because of it. Menstrual cramps are a type of pain that can be managed. There is however no assurance that you’ll find the right solution for yourself through these strategies by themselves. Some methods are ineffective depending upon your age and your medical past. Consider using the guideline above on how to treat you during the period. These tips will help ease this difficult time for you.


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