How a Fire Sprinkler Works – Global World of Business

The safety of fire is achievable with the help of sprinklers as well as emergency exits and an ntrol control panel. This article will explain how fire sprinklers work to make buildings safer in the event of an emergency.

The fire sprinkler contractor will set up sprinklers around a structure in an exclusive design that maximizes their effectiveness. The sprinkler is made up of a bulb, a plug bulb, frame, as well as a sprinkler head. The sprinkler is attached with the system of water which runs throughout the building.

The water moves through pipes thanks to the plug. When the room temperature rises enough that the glass bulb is heated, it will pop out. Different bulbs with different colors have distinct breaking point. For example, red bulbs break at 153 degrees Fahrenheit and green bulbs break at 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the event that the bulb is damaged and the plug is pulled out, and the water runs through the frame and onto the sprinkler head which spreads it over the space. A few sprinklers run on dry-pipes that are also activated by heat. In the event that the bulb fails, this prevents damage. It won’t be able to flow until there’s a fire.

More details are available in the video.


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