Why Is it Important to See a Local Gynecologist Every Year? – Discovery Videos

Women often put off visiting their gynecologist over long periods of time. Dr. Staci Tanouye explains why it’s crucial to visit a Gynecologist who is in the area each year.

Women are able to chat with a medical professional about intimate problems. The general practitioner doesn’t have the experience to offer the best recommendations and treatments for women with gynecological concerns. Most of the time, they will say that you should see a gynecologist.

The advice for women was to be tested for PAP every year. In healthy women It is recommended to have the test done each 3 to 5 years. People who are susceptible to cervical cancer should still get the test every year.

Women don’t need to have a PAP exam, however they must still undergo regular exams. An examination of the pelvis can identify numerous issues, including conditions that do not cause discomfort or symptoms. They can be addressed before they cause pain and disrupt the pelvis. iv2abrgkmb.

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