What to Expect From a High Dose Vitamin C IV – Cycardio

The vitamin doesn’t take the place of cancer medications, but can be used as a complement to the treatment. Spark Health explains what high-dose vitamin C IV therapy can accomplish for you.

Given the efficiency and efficacy of administering intravenously vitamin C, it’s ideal to do it via intravenous route. To achieve exactly the same result, one cannot drink enough vitamin C tablets. Cancer patients already have trouble suffering from nausea. This is something that high amounts of vitamin pills can make worse.

Individual circumstances determine the amount of IV treatment you require, as well as how much vitamin C you require. Most people receive their treatment once or three times during the week, in dosages between 50 and 100 grams. Getting an IV bag can be done in about one hour, so expect to sit for the duration of that. There may not be a TV inside the room where you are being treated therefore, bring something for entertainment.

High dose vitamin C therapy has been associated with very little side effects in clinical trials. People suffering from cancer that have hemochromatosis or kidney disease should consult their doctor before beginning this therapy. v4pvf4z2f6.

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