What is Underwater Welding? –

The deo reveals diverse environments that underwater welding might find themselves in.

There are underwater welders who work inland on docks, dams and other types of infrastructure in a coastal area. They arrive at work and work for eight hours just like everybody else.

Offshore welding is a better working atmosphere. They can be sent to oil platforms , or even large vessels. Workers who work on these platforms typically have longer hours than other workers Some of them working up to 80 hours a week.

The usual risks of diving are there for drowning, decompression sickness, as well as hypothermia. Diversified pressure dangers, also known as DP may result in massive amount of force which traps divers beneath the sea.

In addition, welding in the water separates oxygen and hydrogen molecules that comprise the water. The risk of explosion is high if the hydrogen-oxygen ratio is altered in any way. The welding process can also be electrocuted. That’s why we have dry welding containers.

It is possible that you are wondering why it is that underwater welding is a job. The reason is that underwater welding professionals are well paid. For more details watch the video linked above.


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