What Exactly is Dark Fiber? – Technology Magazine

Vocus Communications offers a simple however smart way of addressing potential leaks in network communications, dark fiber.

It is an “secure optical fiber connection” that connects two particular two specific points. Dark fiber is a way to isolate important data from other networks to transfer data from one place to another without being exposed to any cyber-attack. Only you can see the information being transferred.

One of the main advantages in this new technology is the fact that it can be used with the equipment you have already installed to make it installed fully. It can also be managed without any need for other hardware. This can be a cheap, secure, and cost-effective option for issues with data transfers.

In addition, you can enjoy faster rates and more efficient operations for every point-to-point connection. You will never experience any downtime.

Your business requires reliable and secure ways to safeguard your sensitive data in an ever-changing technological world. It is achievable using dark fiber. v4r4zmomi7.

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