Spending Time With Friends and Family 12 Fall Activity Ideas for Seniors – Biology of Aging

Fall activity ideas for seniors There are many options for growing vegetables and herbs indoors if you are looking to have indoor plants in fall or winter. Plants in pots can be bought from your local garden center. Also, they come with special lighting to increase the amount of light and also a stands or even a display. Sunlight is vital for herbs, and they should be located near the sun with a minimum of 60 degrees or higher. A good drainage system is crucial for pots. Thyme, basil, mint and oregano are all good herbs to grow. The cherry tomatoes can be grown indoors in autumn or the winter months. They need artificial light about 16 hours a day, and temperatures should at least 65°F or more. A warm family space, sunroom or even a spot inside the house is the ideal place to set them within. Chili peppers are able to be grown inside. They have the same growing conditions as cherry tomatoes, they can be cultivated in the indoors. One of the benefits of gardening with veggies and herbs is that you can use them to cook with. Ask your garden center about which kinds of plants you can grow indoors, and what their specifications are. You can plant flowering plants and flowers to lighten up your home in colder seasons. Spider plants, aloe Vera and cactus and ferns are all able to withstand frigid temperatures. Indoor plants can enhance the quality of your indoor air and increase beauty. There are numerous fall activities ideas for older adults that could be done with family, children, and others in the fall. These are just a few suggestions we’ve got to test this winter.

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