Seating Tips for High Performance Driving – How Old Is the Internet

Reaction time. These are the steps you can take to increase your performance on the road.

The first thing to do is begin by sliding the base of the seat backwards. Your seat must be at a distance to the brake pedal so that you’re able to push it all the way down to the floor , if required. It should be simple to pull down on the floor with the sole of your feet getting in touch with the floor. Then, rotate the backrest to 90 degrees so that your elbows bend at 90 degrees as you grip the wheel. Perhaps you’d like to bring the wheel to the side.

After that, alter the placement of your hands. Your hands must remain at nine o’clock three o’clock on the steering wheel. The fingers should point to the direction of your turn as you drive. If you’re taking turns to the left, for example, your right hand should be elevated and your left one lower.

If you follow these posture tips and you’ll notice an improvement in your racing efficiency. Happy driving and good luck!


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