How to Help With Male Hair Loss – Rochester Magazine

r loss specialist. Loss of hair is a problem that most people are struggling with, especially men. It can be a source of embarrassment for people and may affect your daily life. There are three phases to the loss of hair. Each of the phases is different and they can change depending on the person. Anagen is the most common stage. When you are in the Anagen phase, hair growth can begin. Following is Catagen. Catagen is also known as the final stage of the transition. The next stage is Telogen. Telogen is the 3rd stage of hair growth and development. Hair goes back and forth through the three phases. There is no hair that exists between two stages and ever returns to the stage after that. The loss of hair is an extremely complicated process. Hair loss is a cause that is different for each person. It can also be difficult to pinpoint the cause. The same hormone that triggers loss of hair is also the reason for everyone – testosterone. Testosterone, a hormone, is the reason for loss of hair. Too many or too few hormones result in changes to the body, such as hair loss. Check out this video to find out more! p6w2nv1vzt.

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