Fundamental Refrigeration Tools –

Only use licensed technicians to maintain your system. They’ll have the proper refrigeration equipment in order to avoid improper handling that might cause further damage to your items. They should be equipped with wrenches, screwdrivers, and pliers in order to operate properly. Tube processing tools like flaring and bending tools tubes cutters, flaring, swaging, as well as other tools are available. An electric and vacuuming station must be in place, with an outlet for charging and refrigerant tubes.

Also, they require electronic test instruments like OHMmeter and wattmeter as well as voltmeter or megger, and an ammeter. They will also require mechanical test toolslike thermometers and gauges. Among their refrigeration materials, they should have copper and aluminum tubing in addition to refrigerants and oil. Refrigerant trainers might also come in handy.

In order to perform their duties Refrigerator technicians need a variety of equipment. Watch the remainder of the video for further information about the tools used in refrigeration.


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