DIY Plumbing Repair for Leaks – Creative Decorating Ideas

th. But, plumbing repair DIY may be easier than you imagine. This video shows you how to resolve common plumbing issues at your home.

An IPS joint that is made of iron is more likely to leak. It is fixable in the event that there’s no degrading or corrosion. Use a roll of Teflon tape over the threads of the joint in a clockwise fashion three times. Add on a layer of sealing agent for pipe threads (pipe dope) around the joint.

Another leak location is a compression joint. The joint is comprised of brass rings and nuts. The ferrule is inserted into the nut and then the brass coupling joins it to the pipe. The ferrule should be replaced in the event of a leak.

If there is problems with your soldered joint, it’s probably due to poor initial soldering or rust due to old age. You will need to install another pipe to repair the joint. The repair of this kind can only be done by a professional.

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