Comparing Mission v. Shaker Kitchen Cabinets – DIY Projects for Home

selecting the correct design can create confusion. This video breaks down the distinctions between two popular alternatives which are the Mission and Shaker designs.

The Mission as well as the Shaker cabinets are relatively simple styles. The idea for the Mission was derived from furniture and furnishings discovered in Franciscan seminaries located in California, in the beginning of 1900s. The Mission did not have the intricate designs of that era.

The Shaker door is also less complicated. It is typical that Shakers use close, instead of open grain wood. The finishes can be different however, it’s generally quieter than Open grain Mission wood.

Shakers make excellent pieces for transition because you can make them look very contemporary by simply changing the handle. The Mission has a more classic design from the outset. However, you can add other elements like framing beams to change the look.

There’s plenty to choose from when it comes to furnishing your kitchen. Cabinets are available in various styles and designs. Shaker cabinets tend to be more straightforward and are more adaptable to different situations, whereas Mission cabinets offer a traditional look that, while amendable they will restrict your choices. It’s still beautiful woodworking regardless of.


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