Causes of and Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction – Healthy Huntington

If blood flow isn’t functioning correctly throughout your body, it can contribute to or trigger erectile dysfunction. Other causes include oral medications that include antidepressants as well as surgical procedures, like the ones to treat prostate cancer.

If the reason has been determined, doctors are able to treat erectile dysfunction a variety of ways. Oral medication is the initial choice for treating. The medications are available for up to 75% of the men. They could prescribe intra-urethral fluids and surgical implants and prosthetics. Man could get what he’s looking for by consulting with the doctor who treats men.

The causes of Erectile Dysfunction could be physical or mental. The doctor may suggest treatment to overcome the mental blockages that may contribute to the cause. They may be able to address any possible causes for erectile dysfunction in men in order to give the best available treatment. 9ajb44e3rb.

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