Can I Sue if My Child Was Injured at Preschool? – Dan Park Law Group

A child has been injured during preschool? Though the video may be condensed, it offers information about what you need to take in order to file a lawsuit against the daycare in which the child was injured.

Young children are very active. They’re usually very active, but they don’t have control over their small body. This is a normal part of being a young child. It can be challenging to establish a case against preschools when accidents occur that is unavoidable to avoid the situation. If you want a lawsuit in your favor it is necessary to prove of what could have been done to prevent the harm. You must also prove the care provider’s actions did not conform to the required minimum standards for health care.

Sometimes, it isn’t too difficult. If the person who was responsible for watching over your child instead looking at their phone or talking to a coworker this could be the proof you need of the negligence of someone else. There is a yes. There is a possibility of suing the preschool in the event that your child is injured.


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