5 Ways to Ditch Your Timeshare Legally – New York State Law

sort Development Association, the timeshare industry within the United States is worth $10.5 billion dollars annually. This is in comparison to 8 billion dollars needed for the US music sector. It’s an immense market with an offer that appeals to the more than 9.9 millions of US households with timeshare weeks, points, or fractional memberships in Private Residence Clubs which allow them to make a home for vacation theirs, and in the location they’ve always wanted.

But, are you the owner of the timeshare for ever? Are you actually the owner even? If you decide to purchase your vacation home and want to purchase it and you want to purchase it, you must buy each of the people who hold a stake in the timeshare. It’s sometimes difficult to transfer timeshares. The fees for timeshares that you must pay each month for management fees and maintenance services are quite significant and add up over time but doesn’t add to the equity that you have on the land. In this article, we will share some timeshare advice for buying a timeshare from owner, how you can sell your timeshare an individual, and alternatives to getting out of your timeshare contract.


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