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How to Mix SpearĀ®-T Liquid Concentrate – AT HOME INSPECTIONS

ill help you get rid of flies, fleas and other insects. It’s especially beneficial if your home is boisterous location.

In the beginning, before mixing the concentrate it is recommended to purchase your own personal safety tools, particularly gloves. The concentrate contains potent chemicals that need to be protected your skin against direct contact with them.

The measuring cup needs to be in your spear(r)t concentration liquid. You’ll have to replace it or search for one. If you’re using the measuring cup for the purpose of measuring, do never reuse it for something or other. It is also necessary to have an appropriate funnel to pour the mix. Once you’ve got everything you need, you will be in a position to mix. Mix one ounce concentrate per every gallon water. You should end up with an equal amount of 10 percent concentration.

Spray the interiors of the home first before spraying the outside. You should not spray pets within the spray zone. The spray is usually non-toxic for pets as well as animals.